The Sea Glass Story

The foundation for Sea Glass Sugar Scrubs is healthy living and an all-natural lifestyle. The “less is more” theory is our guiding principle when developing recipes and ingredients. You won’t need an advanced degree to read our labels!

Sea Glass Sugar Scrubs was created in early 2018. Our family owns a large restaurant on the coast of Southern Maine and it provided an excellent platform to introduce our products to the world. We are very thankful for the opportunity!

Every batch of Sea Glass Sugar Scrub is handmade and mixed in very small quantities. Our mixers are spinning seven days a week during our busiest times of the year! Please treat your body to a jar (or Four for Free Shipping) of our all natural and freshly made Sea Glass Sugar Scrub!


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Mailing Address:
Warren's Lobster House
11 Water St
Kittery ME 03904